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/ Verifai

Verifai deploys smart technology that secures and protects organisations and their assets. Our platform surfaces data to provide visibility to global shipping and maritime supply chains, solving for problems in industries and areas such as food waste and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, border security and illicit trade.


/ Tiller

Tiller is a time tracking application that pairs novel hardware and software to reshape the time tracking experience.


Safe Share

Safe Share was built internally at Covata for providing secure document sharing capabilities, powered on Covata's secure end-to-end data sharing platform. Built in native swift iOS, Safe Share is deployed on both iPad and iPhone, and serves primarily corporate and government clients.


Good Bulls

Good Bulls was built for Dairy Australia. Farmers needed a way to conveniently compare the genetic traits of different bulls in order to find the ideal match to build a better herd.


/ Planetly

Planetly is a global, location aware, real-time news app. Powered by a natural language processing API, Planetly automatically parsed location information from news articles across the web and visually aggregated that data onto an easy to explore interface.

Planetly featured at #2 for news when it debuted on the AppStore.


/ Fingerprint for Success

F4S is a revolutionary People Analytics tool, based on world-first scientific studies of high-performance individuals and teams. It's the ultimate coaching tool to reveal the hidden talents and blind spots inside yourself and your team.

F4S continues to provide valuable insight into the workforce of Australia's most valuable companies, including Canva and Atlasssian.